Wspieramy menedżerów NGO, by ich organizacje zmieniały świat na lepsze

About the project

Mobile Academy for NGO (MANGO)

The objective of the project is to provide an easy access to learning opportunities for CSOs managers, staff and volunteers and thereby enhance their competences necessary to build the stability of their organizations. The project aims at strengthening the capacity and sustainability of CSOs operating outside larger cities, helping them to overcome barriers of geographic distance and limited resources by delivering ‘mobile’ learning opportunities, based on identified needs.

The project's acitivieties include:

  • an online tool for organizational self-assessment (available in 2023),
  • one-day trainings delivered in different locations outside the largest cities, on topics such as finance, human resources, strategy, and marketing.
  • webinars on various topics related to management and organizational development.
  • mobile learning in the form of “knowledge pills” delivered through smartphones, used as follow-up and reinforcement of stationary trainings or as stand-alone micro-learning tracks.
  • two open meetings for CSO managers and specialists aimed at experience sharing and peer-learning;
  • various subject learning tracks on the e-learning platform Kursodrom for self-paced studies, built from existing educational materials.