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About the Foundation

Fundacja Akademia Organizacji Obywatelskich (the Academy of Civic Organizations Foundation) is a non-governmental organization whose purpose is to professionalize activities of the third sector entities which will contribute to more effective and efficient execution of their social mission.

Areas of the Foundation’s activity include:

  • improving managerial competencies of NGO leaders and other professionals;
  • providing unlimited access to knowledge that enhances activities of non-profit organizations, available on the e-learning platform Kursodrom;
  • offering possibilities to develop specialist competencies, necessary to improve and enhance the quality of services delivered by the organizations;
  • building the awareness of need to professionalise NGOs among wider groups of their stakeholders.

FAOO was registered in January 2013. Its founder was the Polish-American Freedom Foundation.


FAOO in numbers


Within the 9 editions of PROMENGO, an annual educational program, 320 NGO managers from 16 regions of Poland improved (or is improving) their managerial skills. 


9000 users benefit from courses, films, and other educational materials available on the platform.


There were issued over 3800 certificates that confirm positive results of e-learning course tests.


Over 2000 people took part in live and online (organised in the form of webinars) educational meetings.


FAOO offer

To whom the FAOO’s offer is addressed? 

The offer of FAOO is addressed to three main target groups:

  • managers of NGOs,
  • persons who prepare themselves to become managers (managers of projects, programs, organizational units or organizations as such),
  • experts, trainers, and other non-governmental specialists.

What do we propose?

Our offer includes the following:

NGO Managers Program PROMENGO - a yearly educational program implemented in a blended learning mode, dedicated to persons managing stable, developed organizations. Within its framework, participants develop their competencies in subject areas such as: strategic planning, human resource development, financial management, law, marketing, and fundraising. They may also profit from individual consultations.


NGO Managers Program PROMENGO is a unique educational initiative addressed to the management personnel of NGOs, conducted in a blended-learning mode that combines stationary face-to-face trainings, on-line learning, and practical implementation of managerial solutions developed by participants.

The main element of PROMENGO is a series of NGO management courses, which covers 9 subjects that are important for all non-profit organizations irrespective of their mission profiles, legal form, experience, or number of completed projects.

In the core curriculum, there are the following subject areas: strategic planning, marketing in NGOs, fundraising, elements of law in NGO practice, human resources development, financial management, project management, team development, and interpersonal skills.

Each area is comprised of 3 parts:

  • stationary face-to-face training in the form of a 2-day workshop;
  • e-learning, i.e. a screen-based self-paced on-line course that may be complemented with other materials or forms of distance learning proposed by the trainer;
  • end-of-course assignment, which is a practical task to be implemented in one’s own organization, and to be consulted beforehand with the trainer.

Additionally, anyone can use the diagnostic tool Extended Disc and obtain an individual report whose interpretation rules are explained during the classes.

Participation in the program requires approximately 250 hours of learning in total, dedicated to stationary training courses, on-line work, and preparation of the end-of-course assignments. So far, 3 editions of the programme were completed.

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Screen-based interactive courses, films, webinar recordings and other educational materials on managing organizations are made available on-line on a free-of-charge, open e-learning platform called Kursodrom.

What is Kursodrom?

Kursodrom is an e-learning platform with free-of-charge educational resources on the topic of NGO management.  It provides unlimited access to courses, films, webinar recordings, on-line tools and other materials.

Our platform is dedicated mostly to the managers of NGOs and persons who prepare to perform such a function. We also invite non-governmental specialists, trainers, advisers, and other persons interested in the field of organizations management to study the materials available on Kursodrom.

Kursodrom can be used 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, from any place with Internet access.

Kursodrom – a place from which you can start your educational journey!

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FAOO meetings - open educational events dedicated to chosen issues concerning management of organizations or self-development of NGO leaders and specialists.  They combine a seminar formula with elements of workshop activities that allow a direct contact of participants and invited guests.

FAOO meetings

Open meetings organized by FAOO are an opportunity to explore important issues faced by leaders, employees and activists of NGOs on an everyday basis, which are not discussed frequently and openly enough.  Invited guests are experienced specialists, leaders, managers of organizations, i.e. persons who want to and can share their thoughts, knowledge, and know-how.  We aim to provide space for direct contacts between participants and speakers, therefore the traditional formula of conference is enhanced by various workshop elements.

So far, we have organized the following meetings:

  • Self-development management as an important managerial competence
  • Fundraising - facts and myths
  • Do NGOs manage people well?
  • Fundraising – new opening
  • Let’s discover the individual donors
  • 1st NGO Managers Forum
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Webinars - hour-long, on-line specialist meetings with experts, within which one not only can listen and see an interesting presentation, but also ask questions and share experience with the use of a chat.

FAOO webinars

To all those who are busy, to managers employees and volunteers of organizations, who lack time, we recommend FAOO webinars. They are approximately one-hour-long, on-line meetings with experts, each dedicated to other subject that is helpful in managing an NGO. Issues discussed so far concerned among others: cooperation with local government authorities, cooperation with business, fundraising, crowdfunding, volunteers’ management, organizational development planning, and many others. Webinar recordings are placed on the Kursodrom platform, so one can recall them or, those who could not participate in them, may afterwards familiarise with their content.

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Specialist courses that develop competencies in chosen areas of management and activity of organizations, such as fundraising, project management, or human resources management.

Specialist fundraising courses

Within the courses that last for a few months, the participants develop their competencies of creating fundraising strategy, managing relations with donors, methods and techniques of fundraising, developing and implementing fundraising campaigns. Classes are conducted by mixed teams of experienced fundraisers and professional trainers. Participants complete the end-of-course assignments that relate to their real fundraising activities. The assignments are evaluated by trainers and each participant is given feedback.

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Fundacja Akademia Organizacji Obywatelskich

Królowej Marysieńki 48
02-954 Warszawa


tel.  +48 664 098 691